Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of questions we are frequently asked.

Hopefully you can find the answer to your question(s) here.

We update this list occasionally when questions are repeatedly asked.

  • Q: Do you guys provide item gifts for new/old players?
  • A: Yes. There are beginner equipment packs available in-game. Talk to the ‘Beginner Guide’ NPC in Amatsu. These are designed to help get you started in Battlegrounds, PvP and War of Emperium.
  • Q: Why does my old account (I last played before 2016) have no items?
  • A: Sorry to say that in 2016 there was a server wipe. Please read this page regarding the 2016 wipe.
  • Q: Where is your server based?
  • A: In California, United States of America.
  • Q: How do I run a ping test?
  • A: Open a command prompt (Windows Key + R, type ‘cmd’) then type ‘ping’.
  • Q: What are your server’s rates?
  • A: Please check our About/Game Information page for detailed server amenities.
  • Q: I am an old player (last played before 2016). Can I recover my old account?
  • A: Yes you can! But please be warned your characters are now 500/10 Novices.
    • Forgot your password? If you know your account name and email address, you can recover it here: Account Recovery
    • Know your email, but no longer have access to it? You can reset your email here: Email Recovery
    • Forgot your account name? If you can remember your character names, we may be able to help you here: Support Ticket System
  • Q: How do I install the game?
  • A: Please see our Installation Guide.

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