Full Installer

EXE Package (1.95GB)

The full installation package is an EXE package created to guide you through the installation process. It contains all the files required to play BlackoutRO.

To install, open it, wait for it to load, then follow the prompts.

Note: for slower computers, after attempting to open the file, it will take some time for the installer to load (1-2 minutes in some cases).

If you have issues installing with the EXE package, try downloading the archived format.

Version: Jan 31, 2022

Archived Format (.zip, 1.94GB)

The full installer is available in either an archived file format or an EXE installation package. Both types contain the same files.

Version: Jan 31, 2022

Lite Installer

EXE Package (228mb)

The Lite Installer is a package for those with existing RO installations on their computer. It is not a fully sufficient means of installing the game. However, it is a good option for those with slower download speeds.

We recommend using the full install for the best experience.

Installation Instructions
  1. Download the Lite installer from one of the options above.
  2. Run the Lite Installer, follow the prompts.
  3. Copy the file data.grf from your existing RO folder into your BlackoutRO folder.
  4. Copy the folder BGM from your existing RO folder into your BlackoutRO folder.
  5. Run BlackoutRO.exe to begin the patching process. Click start game.

Version: Dec 13, 2021

Archived Format (.zip, 239MB)

Version: Dec 13, 2021

Other Files

Here are some miscellaneous files from the installation packages if for whatever reason you need to directly download them.

GRF Files

Our GRF files. We make these available for download in case you messed up attempting to modify them and need a fresh version. Note, we do not provide support for editing GRFs.

palettes.grf (3MB)

Version: May 21 2020

gepard.grf (22MB)

Version: Dec 13 2021

blackoutro.grf (183MB)

Version: May 21, 2020

data.grf (1.43GB)

Version: September 18, 2016

BGM.rar (308MB)

Contains the BGM folder. Extract in your BlackoutRO folder using WinRAR.

Version: September 18, 2016

Patch Client (3.7MB)

The BlackoutRO patcher. Download if you are using the old patch client (there was a new patcher released in March 2019).

Gepard Files (10.7MB)

Download if you receive the error ‘Game EXE is corrupted’. Extract the files into your BlackoutRO folder.

Version: Jan 31, 2022

Common Installation Problems

A list of problems other users have experienced during installation, and how they solved them. Please note these are not definitive solutions, rather, how that person solved their issue.

  • Q: I receive the error ‘Your Game’s EXE File is not the latest version.’ when trying to login.
    • A: Patching issue (patcher attempted to patch, but failed to write files).
    • Solution 1: Download gepard.grf.
    • Solution 2: Re-install game using version Jan 31, 2022 or later.
  • Q: I receieve the error ‘Game EXE is corrupted’.
    • A: Gepard files out of date.
    • Solution 1: Download Gepard files.
    • Solution 2: Re-install game using version Jan 31, 2022 or later.
  • Q: I installed the game, but when I run BlackoutRO and click ‘Start Game’, Gepard Shield finishes loading, then the game either crashes or doesn’t attempt to start.
    • A1: This is probably due to the file data.grf either being corrupt or non-existent.
    • Solution 1: Download a fresh version of data.grf.
    • A2: Your antivirus either deleted or corrupted a file.
    • Solution 2: After installing, be sure to whitelist the BlackoutRO folder/files on your antivirus.
    • A3: You are using a PC with no speakers.
    • Solution 3: Run ‘Setup’, then select ‘No Sound’ in the sound setup.
  • Q: After configuring my ‘Setup’, it doesn’t save.
    • A: For an unknown reason, the EXE package sometimes causes this problem.
    • Solution: Install using ‘’.
  • Q: I closed my client and none of my /commands (e.g. /showname, /monsterhp, /skillfail) saved.
    • A: Like above, the EXE package sometimes causes this problem.
    • Solution: Install using the archived format method.
  • Q: I logged in, but certain maps and headgears error me.
    • A: Installing via the Lite Installer can cause issues if you combined it with another RO server’s files.
    • Solution 1: Download the Full Installer.
    • Solution 2: Download a fresh version of data.grf.