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Obtaining Beginner Equipment Package

To get started, talk to Timmy at amatsu 238 212, ask him for information you need to know to play BlackoutRO.
Timmy will tell you to visit Beginner Zone, which is located nearby, to start leveling up your character faster.

Each piece of equipment in the package is based on an existing item, is slotless and account bound.
As of July 20, 2022 patch, new characters will automatically receive beginner equipment.

As of August 1, 2020 patch, new characters will receive an updated package.

  • NX Angel Ripper
  • NX Rabbit in the Hat
  • NX Band Aid
  • NX 3D Glasses
  • NX Deviruchi Wings
  • NX Sage Ring
  • NX Retribution Wings
  • Neutral Barrier Robe
  • Elemental Barrier Robe
  • HP Supplement Barrier Robe
  • Hidden Cardigan
  • Resistance Shield
  • Costume Criatura Academy Hat
  • Costume Hexagon Glasses
  • Costume Beginner Sign

Afterwards, review this forum post to know existing @commands available in the server!
Keep in mind that newly-released commands aren't included in the list yet.

MVP Hunting

Because of its super high rate gameplay nature, BlackoutRO boosted MVP monsters' stat points for added challenge.
For starters, a MVP Arena, located in Amatsu (@go 10) or Nifflheim (@go 13)
is provided to test your game knowledge in killing those monsters.

Inside the arena, we have four rooms to choose from – Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Epsilon
Each room contains four distinct MVP monsters.

MVP monsters outside MVP Arena drop lootboxes which contain standard custom PVP equipment.
Also, there are other types of lootboxes which they exclusively drop!

Killing natural-spawning MVP monsters will earn you point(s) in our MVP Hunt Ranking Ladder
Every week, a top ranking MVP hunter will earn an Event Credit
The rest of players who are ranked until #50 will earn some Mini Game Credits!

Playing Battlegrounds

Here on BlackoutRO we have a highly customized Battlegrounds. We tried to create the most enjoyable experience possible.
All you have to do is type @joinbg in the textbox and you’re in!

We have four modes to choose from – Castle Conquest, Flavius, Krieger von Midgard and Team Deathmatch.
When joining the queue, you can vote for the mode you want to play. The mode with the most votes is played in the next game!

For participating in Battlegrounds, you receive War Badges.
These badges can be traded for a great array of items from Battlegrounds Manager NPC in Amatsu or Hall of Fame map (@go 28).

Playing Mini Games

If you want to play something relaxing or feel lazy battling people, BlackoutRO offers several mini games to play.
All you have to do is find Mini Game Signboard near Amatsu respawn point (@go 10) to join!

We have several mini games to choose from – Monster Sorter, Zombie Tower, Dice, Roll Call and Bombring Dodger
There's a two minute warning broadcasted within the server before each mini game starts.
When finished, cool down duration is applied to a mini game before starting another round again.

When you win something in a mini game, you receive Mini Game Credits.
For the lone victor, there's a chance to win an additional Event Credit depending on mini game played.
These currencies can be traded for a great array of items from Item Redeeming Services NPC in Amatsu.

Quests, Instances and Server Amenities

Once you finished reaching Level 500 to your character, you may start doing some quests and instances the server offers.
Read this page for further information

Also in addition to basic amenities listed in the website, take advantage of other server amenities
to help you enjoy your game experience. These amenities include:

Rachel the Pawnshop Owner (Located at @go 28)
Ralph the Mass Refiner [Located somewhere in Amatsu (@go 10)]
Manny the Mass Seller [Located somewhere in Amatsu (@go 10)]
Blackout Shopping Mall (Located at @go 25 or @go 27)
and much much more!!!

Collecting Activity Points

When you are doing something in the game such as MVP hunting
or participating to War of Emperium battles, you can receive Activity Points.

Activity Points are effort-based rewards feature which are exchanged into War Badges.

Please refer to this forum post to read more information:
Activity Points System Information