Quests and Instances

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These quests and instances are currently live in the server:

NOTE: These are customized to scale to BlackoutRO's super high rate gameplay.

  • Endless Tower
  • Sealed Shrine
  • Nidhoggur's Nest
  • Orc's Memory
  • Scaraba's Hole

BlackoutRO has several NPCs to get fashion headgear!

We'll let you navigate the whole server in-game to find these :)

  • Amatsu Headgear Quests: Old headgear quests. They're located northeast of Amatsu respawn point.
  • True Valkyrie Helm: Find Billy in Amatsu to get started.
  • Headgear Recolors: Find Raiyn in Amatsu to recolor some existing fancy headgear.
  • Queen Scaraba Crown: Find Glenn in Scaraba Hole Dungeon to get this.
  • Wolf Boy: "Wolf Boy" within Amatsu can recolor some headgear.
  • Crimson Froud: Find this person near town equipment/item dealer NPCs to trade your surplus MVP cards to earn points used to purchase fancy headgear.