Server Specs


BlackoutRO is a private server started in 2006. We are not affiliated in any way with the original game or creators.
Our content has thus deviated. Read our history page for more information on the server’s history.

This page’s contents is mainly intended for experienced RO players to aid their decision whether to play our version of the game.

Table of Contents

  1. Private Server Specifications
  2. War of Emperium Schedule
  3. Features Overview
  4. Staff Team

Private Server Specifications

Server Opened February 2006
Database Active Since September 2016 (last wipe)
Server Location Scott Base, Antarctica
Host Server Specs CPU: E3 1270v5
Main Language English, Tagalog (Supported by some Game Masters)
Maximum Base / Job Levels 500 / 120
Base / Job Experience Rates 26000x / 10001x
Drop Rates
  • 10000x/100% (most common items and MVP drops)
  • 1000x/10% (cards)
  • 5x/0.5% (most equipment)
Maximum Stat Value 450
Maximum Attack Speed 197
Instant Cast 170 DEX
99% Status Immunity 300 LUK

Current War of Emperium Schedule

Day Time Region Castle
Wednesday 13:00 UTC (1h) Rotating FE Region 1 Rotating Castle
Thursday 14:00 UTC (1h) Rotating SE Region 1 Rotating Castle
Saturday 03:00 UTC (1h) Rotating FE Region 2 Rotating Castles
Saturday 13:00 UTC (1h) Rotating SE Region 2 Rotating Castles
Sunday 14:00 UTC (1h) Rotating FE Region 2 Rotating Castles

Each War of Emperium hosts a different region. Sometimes there are a different number of castles open. After each castle in a region has been contesed, the region will be rotated to the next day.

The schedule changes each week and can be viewed on our Control Panel.

Features Overview


IGN: redcar
Position: Administrator
Favorite class: Sniper
Country: USA
Role: The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails. – William Arthur Ward