WoE 1.1: Updated War of Emperium

Differences Between 1.0 & 1.1

WoE is a feature that went years without changing. We decided that the experience could be more streamlined and continuous. With only a few minor changes you get an almost-new game.

1.1 is similar to normal War of Emperium with minor differences, mostly quality of life changes. See below for details. Changes also apply to WoE SE/2.0.

Portal Cell Damage Mod

When standing on what is considered a ‘portal cell’ (the cell when entering a portal), you will receive 0 damage. Moving one cell from it will reduce damage by 75%; two cells 50% damage; three cells 25%.

We created this mod to discourage portal defending. While it is certainly a fair tactic, it often results in death before the opponent can take an action. This mod allows guilds the opportunity to set up their buffs and formation before moving forward.


Elevation Cells Mod

Attacking downhill will increase your damage by 20%. Conversely, attacking uphill will reduce your damage by 20%.

We want to encourage players to use the towers, as well as think of different places to defend castles.


Respawn Mod

Upon death, you will respawn outside the castle. You must wait 3 seconds before re-entering the castle. 1 death = 1 second waiting (min 3 seconds).

Improved Treasure Chest Drops

The treasure chests inside the guild master’s room contain rare goods. Guild masters should check them each day as the rewards are worth it. Included in the chests are Event Credits, Magic Card Albums, WoE Credits, battle supplies, and more.

War of Emperium Credits

These credits are mailed to guild members of participating guilds in a war. Credits are earned by defending castles, breaking Emperiums, and killing other players. Credits are distributed evenly to online members.

War of Emperium Credits can be exchanged for rare goods at amatsu 241 214.

Hyper War of Emperium

Hyper WoE is a faster-paced version of WoE which is held once per week.

The format is as follows:

  • Consists of 5 Mini-WoEs
  • Each Mini-WoE lasts 10 minutes
  • There is a points system to determine the winner
    • +1 pt – Kill Player
    • +7 pts – Hold castle for 1 minute
    • +20 pts – Break Emperium
    • +50 pts – Hold castle at end of Round (FE)
    • +100 pts – Hold castle at end of Round (SE)
    • -1 pt – Die 4 times
    • -15 pts – Have your Emperium broken
    • -15 pts – Fail to kill 30 players during a Mini-Woe
  • The winning guild shares 300 WoE Credits and 1 Event Credit

Check the WoE Information Board in-game for Hyper WoE time/scheduling.