How to Install?

Thank you for your interest in playing BlackoutRO. Follow this guide to get started.
Please review our system requirements before continuing.

System Requirements

Minimum: Recommended:
OS: Windows XP or later Windows Vista or later
Processor: 400MHz Single Core CPU 2GHz Single Core CPU
Memory (RAM): 128MB 1GB
Storage Needed: 2.1GB available space 3GB available space
Graphics Card: Almost any Almost any
Sound Card: DirectSound DirectSound

Note that some higher resolution monitors (2K/4K) occasionally have issues with the client.

Installation Files

Download our EXE installation package. Please note that our game is currently only supported on Windows/PC operating systems.

Once the download completes, run the file and follow the prompts. Remember to register an account if you haven’t already!

If you have issues downloading, installing or running the game, please ask for help in the Support section of our forums. Download slow or failed? Visit our Downloads Page for alternative downloads.

Account Registration

New Players

Register an account at our Control Panel.
You will need:

  • A valid email address.

And that’s it! This account will give you access to the game and all the functionality of our Control Panel.

Registering an account on our Community Forum Board is a great idea too. We love to hear from our players, and we actively encourage and involve them in game development processes.

Existing Players

If you last played before 2016, you need to know the following:

  • Your account still exists.
  • All items and zeny before 2016 were wiped.
  • Your characters are now level 500/10 Novices.
  • Past donors were credited with an item named ‘Legacy Credit’ (found in account storage) which will help you get started.

If you forgot your login credentials, try recovering them on our Control Panel. Should that fail, file a support ticket on our forum. Our Staff will help you get your account back.

Common Installation Problems

A list of problems other users have experienced during installation, and how they solved them.
Please note these are not definitive solutions, rather, how that person solved their issue.

  • Question #1: I receive the error ‘Your Game’s EXE File is not the latest version.’ when trying to login.

    • Answer: Patching issue (patcher attempted to patch, but failed to write files).
    • Solution 1: Download gepard.grf.
    • Solution 2: Re-install game using version Jan 31, 2022 or later.
  • Question #2: I receieve the error ‘Game EXE is corrupted’.

    • Answer: Gepard files out of date.
    • Solution 1: Download Gepard files.
    • Solution 2: Re-install game using version Jan 31, 2022 or later.
  • Question #3: I installed the game, but when I run BlackoutRO and click ‘Start Game’,
    Gepard Shield finishes loading, then the game either crashes or doesn’t attempt to start.

    • Answer 1: This is probably due to the file data.grf either being corrupt or non-existent.
    • Solution 1: Download a fresh version of data.grf.
    • Answer 2: Your antivirus either deleted or corrupted a file.
    • Solution 2: After installing, be sure to whitelist the BlackoutRO folder/files on your antivirus.
    • Answer 3: You are using a PC with no speakers.
    • Solution 3: Run ‘Setup’, then select ‘No Sound’ in the sound setup.
  • Question #5: After configuring my ‘Setup’, it doesn’t save.

    • Answer: For an unknown reason, the EXE package sometimes causes this problem.
    • Solution: Install using one of the ‘archived format’ (zip/rar/7z) methods.
  • Question #6: I closed my client and none of my /commands (e.g. /showname, /monsterhp, /skillfail) saved.

    • Answer: Like above, the EXE package sometimes causes this problem.
    • Solution: Install using one of the ‘archived format’ (zip/rar/7z) methods.
  • Question #7: I logged in, but certain maps and headgears error me.

    • Answer: Installing via the Lite Installer can cause issues if you combined it with another RO server’s files.
    • Solution 1: Download the Full Installer.
    • Solution 2: Download a fresh version of data.grf.

What to do once I’ve installed the game?

  1. Log-in using the game client.
  2. Create a character.
  3. Go to our home town, Amatsu (@go 10).
  4. Read the Beginner Guide first!
  5. Level to max – 500.
  6. Become really good at the game. Go browse forum board to gain more knowledge!