Rules and Regulations

General Rules

Using someone else’s name with the sole intention to impersonate them will not be tolerated. This includes the names of the staff team, the use of “GM” in a character name and guild names.

Please do not request events. The staff team are here on a purely voluntary basis, and may not have the time to run an event.

Multi-clienting is prohibited on BlackoutRO. This is defined as using multiple clients from one computer to connect to BlackoutRO, and does not apply to multiple computers from one IP/location.

Account Rules

Trading accounts/items for real money or items in another game is strictly prohibited. Any person found engaging in such activities will be banned without appeal.

Account sharing is entirely at the account owner’s risk. If your account is compromised in any way as a result of account sharing, the staff team reserves the right to refuse support.

If a player’s account is compromised due to other methods, such as keylogging (typically a program claiming to offer administrative access, or free items) or forged e-mail claiming to be the staff team, the staff team will recover the account, and permanently ban the person(s) responsible. However, the staff team is not responsible for any items or zeny that are lost, nor will any reimbursement occur.


Harassing behaviour targeted towards an individual or group of people will not be tolerated.

Such behaviour includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Derogatory comments or remarks (sometimes referred to as “trash-talking”)
  • Spreading rumours that may not necessarily be true

If you find yourself being harassed, politely ask them to stop before requesting assistance from the staff team. If none of the staff team are online (via the @request command), please take screenshots as evidence, and file a ticket in the ticket system, which can be found in the BlackoutRO forum.


Kill stealing is defined as the repetitive and malicious killing of one player’s targeted monsters by another. In general, most monsters are free-for-all, and whoever lands the killing blow reaps the benefits. There are two exceptions which are punishable:

  • A player is harassing another by following them and killing their chosen mobs
  • A player is camping another as they spawn monsters using Abracadabra/Dead Branches/Bloody Branches, and killing the resulting mobs

If you are being subjected to kill stealing, politely ask the offending player to stop. If they persist, please request assistance from the staff team. Screenshots and video footage will help your case if a staff team member is not currently online.


Misleading someone while trading is generally classified as scamming, and is not tolerated in any way. Common methods include:

  • Vending and pricing non-slotted items as slotted items. Claiming it was a mistake is not an excuse.
  • Continually cancelling a trade, then changing the agreed item(s) for something else.

While the person who committed the offense will be punished, the staff team is not responsible for the items lost in the trade. Also, simply lending items to someone and not receiving them back after a length of time is NOT classified as scamming. The staff team will not assist in such cases.

Botting & Macros

Robots, better known as ‘Bots’ and ‘Macros’, are hardware/software/programs/scripts that automate the process of playing the game. Such programs/scripts are strictly forbidden on BlackoutRO, and anyone found using them will be banned, subject to appeal.

As of April 2020, macro usage is relaxed a bit where it is limited to conveniently use skills easily. It is still prohibited to use third party macro programs to perform farming duties.

To determine a bot, Game Masters will ask players to perform human actions. Please respond to them when they do so.

Standardized Penalties for Bots:

  • The account in question will be banned until further notice.
  • Accounts with related IPs will be banned for one year.
  • The IP Address in question will be banned for two months.

All bans are subject to appeal using the forum’s Ticket System.

War of Emperium Rules

Changing or disabling your guild emblem while participating in War of Emperium is strictly prohibited, as it tends to cause confusion among those taking part. Anyone caught doing so may have their guild disbanded, with the Guild Master receiving a temporary account ban.

Channels System

BlackoutRO’s chat system can be accessed by typing ‘#channel-name’ in your PM box.
Like the server, there are rules that must be adhered to, each channel having its own topic:


  • No buying, selling or trading.
  • No guild recruiting.
  • No spamming messages.
  • No harassing behaviour (“trash-talking”) towards an individual or guild.
  • Do not ask for GMs on IRC, use the @request command in-game.


  • Buying, selling and trading may take place.
  • No general conversations unrelated to trading.

#bg, #event, #map

  • These channels follow the same rules as #irc.


  • Alliance chat has no specific rules.

Terms of Service

All players are bound by our Terms of Service, which you agree to upon registration. They can be viewed here: Terms of Service