Regarding the September 2016 Wipe

Background Information

  • In September 2015 the server closed.
  • BlackoutRO had not received an update in two years, and the former owner (GM-Blackout) was nowhere to be seen.
  • In 2016, GM-redcar contacted GM-Blackout and obtained the database.
  • Throughout 2016, BlackoutRO was rebuilt from scratch on a new emulator (old bRO used eAthena, new bRO used Hercules).

Why did the wipe happen?

The most important information you need to know:

  • The old database was corrupt and could not be imported to our new systems.
  • Only parts of the old database were able to be retained. Those were:
    1. Player Accounts (usernames, passwords, emails)
    2. Characters (names, levels)
    3. Guilds
    4. Donation data (2008-2015, those who donated using PayPal received ‘Legacy Credits’)

Unfortunately, almost everything else in the old database was corrupt. At the time, we were still deciding whether BlackoutRO should be wiped. After discovering all of this information, the decision was made for us. We kept everything we could.

We hope you understand and empathize with the situation the Staff Team of that time were in.
Without the wipe, we would not be here today.

Would there ever be another wipe?

Absolutely not. Not wiping was our initial preference. We would have made it work if it was possible.

We have no reason to ever wipe BlackoutRO again. There are many contingencies and policies in place to prevent/manage future situations that become dire.

  • Automated backups. We regularly backup our databases and server files both locally and remotely.
  • Good logging systems. We make sure player and server events are correctly logged so we can backtrack when required.
  • Checks on development. Development is reviewed and tested by multiple people before it ever gets to the live server.


Without the wipe, BlackoutRO would not be able to update and would have stayed closed.

Is it hard to get started again?

We made sure to make it easier than ever to get started.

  • Solo leveling is possible, and can be completed in under an hour.
  • Beginner equipment allows you to compete in Battlegrounds, PvP and War of Emperium as soon as you hit max level.
  • EX Gears can be obtained from Battlegrounds.
  • The rental system lets you fill in the blank spots with EX gears you need.

We hope to see you playing BlackoutRO again!