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Server Client/Installation Support

Please read this post if you have the following issues below:
Some solutions can be out-of-date due to updated client files.

  • Gepard Shield app loading but then bRO client closes.
  • Sprite errors due to corrupted files or patches.
  • bRO files are missing upon installation (particularly bRO patcher).
  • Homunculus errors
  • DLL files missing error
  • LUA Files error.
  • Bad quality graphics.
  • Failed to Connect to Server error

If you want to repatch bRO Client, follow the instructions written in this post.

Server Gameplay Guides

Read this example post to gain knowledge on where to level up your character ALONE.

Read this post about BlackoutRO's @commands list. Some new commands are not included.

BlackoutRO allows the usage of AHK scripts as a quality of life tool. HOWEVER, AFK-farming/Botting is still not allowed.
Read this post to utilize a sample AHK script to "spam" skills.

Read this post to gain knowledge on modifying @lgp settings. LGP is a built in RCX program to view skill effects with/without the skill effects being on.

Read this Compiled Guides post to gain knowledge from other sources on character builds, custom resources, custom NPCs added to the server.
Some resources in this post are outdated due to client patch changes.

If you want to dig deep to get more information, read this subforum.