BlackoutRO Credit Shops

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BlackoutRO has several in-game currencies you should know to build your wealth.

War Badges: This currency is designated as central currency in BlackoutRO. Originally, you receive some when participating in Battlegrounds events. You receive War Badges also through converting your Mini Game Credits or War of Emperium Credits from Rachel the Pawnshop Owner NPC (hfame 89 28). When redeeming your Activity Points, this is what you get! (1 Activity Point = 5 War Badges).

Donation Credits: Obtainable through cash donations only. For every $1 you donate, you get 1 Donation Credit. Donation Credit shop mostly sells utility items that won't affect competitive gameplay. and some fashion headgear. There are some headgear sold only in specific months!

Event Credits: Obtainable through Game Master-hosted events and as top reward from some mini-games only. Event Credit shop sells luxury items that are advantageous to have but won't affect competitive gameplay heavily. High-tiered fasion headgear can be sold here.

Legacy Credits: Automatically obtained if you donated to server before 2016. For every $1 you donated before, you get 1 Legacy Credit. As of August 1, 2022 patch, all existing Legacy Credits will be converted to Donation Credits.

Mini-Game Credits: Obtainable from participating to automated in-game events only. You can join mini-games at this location (amatsu 200 200). You get Mini-Game Credits for participating. You will receive more if you win. Mini-Game Credit shop sells scroll boxes, WOE v2 repair kits and utility battle equipment. Mini-Game Credits can be exchanged for War Badges from Rachel the pawnshop owner (hfame 89 28)

War of Emperium Credits: Obtainable through participating to War of Emperium only. War of Emperium Credit shops sells basic/mid-tier fashion headgear. War of Emperium Credits can be exchanged for War Badges from Rachel the pawnshop owner (hfame 89 28)

Rental Tickets: Automatically obtained during first log-in of the day in your account. Can be used to redeem rental equivalent of standard PVP headgear listed below. Some non-rental versions of these equipment are sold in Battlegrounds shop. After consuming 90 Rental Tickets, inventory will be changed into non-slotted versions. After August 1, 2022 patch, this currency is discontinued to be given and must be exchanged for War Badges.

BlackoutRO Standard PVP-Purposed Headgear
Angeling Wings Deviling Wings Face of Death Deviruchi Wings
Ghostring Hat Gothic Ribbon Heart Feather Holy Essence
Hood of Death Medical Eyepatch Pikachu Ears 3D Glasses
Angel Ripper Band Aid Black-Dark Helmet Drooping Leaf Cat
Night Ring Rabbit in the Hat Reisz Helmet Retribution Wings
Sage Ring Side Hat Split Ice Cream

Battlegrounds Manager has a shop which sells items and equipment from these categories:
He is also present at Hall of Fame map (@go 28).

  • Battlegrounds-use Supply Items: Catalyst items required for some skills. Sold cheap in zeny.
  • Consumables: Items which are commonly used in competitive gameplay like PVP or War of Emperium. Buy these with your War Badges.
  • Weapons: Typical Battlegrounds reward weapons are sold here. These weapons aren't tradeable. Buy these with your War Badges.
  • Armor and Accessories: Typical Battlegrounds reward armor and accessories are sold here. These aren't tradeable. Buy these with your War Badges.
  • Headgear: Standard BlackoutRO battle headgear are sold here. These are the ones you should buy first to get into speed playing competitively in BlackoutRO. Buy these with your War Badges.
    If you cannot afford them yet, consider consuming rental tickets to wear these equipment in temporary basis.
  • Miscellaneous Items: Useful items to help you build your wealth in the server are sold here.
Mysterious Crane is a beloved NPC in Hall of Fame map where you drop your Umbral Tokens for a chance to get very fancy headgear to wear. Umbral Tokens are purchased from Battlegrounds Manager. There are 2 tier levels of those fancy headgear inside this crane (Class A and Class S). You can take a look of the list of headgear for each tier here. As of this posting, Classes B through D headgear are sold in War of Emperium Credit shop in rotating basis.

If you bring your Glorious-type equipment, you can turn it into a tradeable one for 4 Umbral Tokens per equipment.

Wolf Boy has a shop which sells mostly high-tier battle weapons. They are sold in Hunter Tokens which are obtained through giving him certain items to collect in randomized fashion.

If you're interested, talk to him further for a certain "quest" :)