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Worker Ant
Server Management Team
10-Sep, 16
Welcome to September 1, 2022 maintenance patch,

More updates to existing features! Please read each bullet thoroughly.​

Since we are applying more updates than usual, bugs and glitches may occur frequently.​
Please contact the staff team directly through Discord or submit a ticket report in this forum board.

  • Major changes to PVP Gauntlet on assigned job classes and mechanics. (Thread will be updated for additional info)
  • Add 'pawn' function to Rachel the Pawnshop Owner (found at @go 28), which allows player to sell back credit items at 50% of cost.
  • Tax Collector NPC (found in Amatsu) lowered tax threshold so there will be increased chance of obtaining an Event Credit from him.
  • Assigned points to MVP monsters are doubled in weekends for MVP Hunt ranking ladder.
  • Dice mini game required # of players is reduced to two players.
  • War of Emperium Credits given to owner guild after War of Emperium ends are shared among online guild members.
  • Fixed an issue when warp function of Amatsu Guild Flag isn't working properly.
  • Fixed an issue when automated messaging from Zombie Tower mini game displays wrong information on bonus Event Credit drop rate.
  • Fixed an issue when some NInja skills did not work with Battlegrounds Use-only Ninja Stones.
  • When claiming Activity Points for War Badge exchange, a 1500 AP redeem limit is established.
  • Adjusted War Badge reward given to players when playing Flavius mode.
  • Adjusted points given to players for their performance rating when playing Battlegrounds:
    • Death Points: Starting value increased from 10 points to 15 points.
    • Objective Points: Reduced maximum points obtained from 15 points to 10 points.
  • Elemental armors [1] like those being sold by Mini Game Credit shop can be worn by all job classes.
  • Cursed Hand can be worn by all job classes.
Global Announcement Updates: Server will display global and IRC bot message when the following scenarios happened in the game.​
  • When someone bought Clip [2] from Battlegrounds Manager shop​
  • When new set of headgears are sold in War of Emperium Credit shop​
  • When Battlegrounds Happy Hour mode is available (added to IRC bot announcement)​
  • When Rachel the Pawnshop Owner opens a service in an assigned day (such as selling War Badges for zeny)​
  • To tell how many mini games are available to play.​
  • When a mini game is activated (added to IRC bot announcement)​
Buff Scrolls Phase-out
  • Battlegrounds Manager NPC will exchange your buff scrolls and scroll boxes for War Badges.
    • 5 Buff Scroll Boxes = 1 War Badge​
    • 50 Buff Scrolls = 1 War Badge​
  • These items are removed from Battlegrounds Manager BG-only Consumables Store
    • BG Blessing Scroll Box​
    • BG Increase AGI Scroll Box​
  • These items are removed from Mini Game Credit Store
    • Lv 3 Assumptio Scroll Box​
    • Lv 7 Blessing Scroll Box​
    • Lv 7 Increase AGI Scroll Box​
    • Lv 7 Wind Walk Scroll Box​
  • Because of this phase-out, monsters spawned during Leprechaun Invasion event have their item drops updated.​
High Priest/Buffer Rework
  • We are making this NPC's service convenient to you by introducing a new custom skill called "Enhanced Aid".​
  • To learn the skill, ensure that Novice's Basic Skill is maxed out and add skill points to it.​
  • This custom skill uses configurations done to High Priest/Buffer NPC to apply buffs you chose.​
  • There are common buffs to choose from. Also, there are class-specific supportive skills in the same list.​
  • If a user has a configured buff that is learned naturally, then the highest skill level will be applied instead. (Ex. Acolyte's Blessing) Default bonus duration of those naturally learned skills is applied.​
  • Using this skill costs (4000 + SkillLv) zeny.​
  • Buffs applied using Enhanced Aid has a duration of (5 + SkillLv) seconds.​
  • Along with buff skills, some items like Aloe Vera are included in the list. Make sure you have the items so you can use them!​
  • Buffs to be applied are the following: (If there's something you want us to add, please let us know!)
    • Aloe Vera​
    • Box of Drowsiness and BG Box of Drowsiness​
    • Box of Gloom and BG Box of Gloom​
    • Box of Resentment and BG Box of Resentment​
    • Box of Sunlight and BG Box of Sunlight​
    • Speed Potion and BG Speed Potion​
    • Swordsman-class: Endure, Auto Berserk​
    • Knight-class: Two-Hand Quicken, One-Hand Quicken (when Soul Linked)​
    • Lord Knight: Aura Blade, Parry, Concentration​
    • Crusader-class: Spear Quicken​
    • Archer-class: Improve Concentration​
    • Sniper: True Sight, Wind Walker​
    • Merchant-class: Crazy Uproar​
    • Blacksmith: Adrenaline Rush, Weapon Perfection, Power Thrust, Power Maximize, Adv Adrenaline Rush (when Soul Linked)​
    • Whitesmith: Cart Boost, Maximum Power Thrust, Meltdown​
    • Alchemist-class: All Chemical Protection skills​
    • Stalker: Counter Instinct, Preserve​
    • Acolyte-class: Increase AGI, Blessing, Angelus​
    • Priest-class: Gloria, Magnificat, Impositio Manus​
    • High Priest: Assumptio​
    • Ninja: Soul​
    • Gunslinger: Increase Accuracy, Adjustment, Gatling Fever​

Battlegrounds Ranking NOTICE:
Starting month of September, your rating will be calculated by this updated formula!

YOUR BATTLEGROUNDS RATING = (Points / Games Played) + Games Played [Maxes out at 100]
+ [(Total Kill/Death Ratio) * 2]
+ Highest Win Streak


For returning players, keep yourself informed with these last, few update notes below:

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Worker Ant
Server Management Team
10-Sep, 16
To address the animation repel use of Increase AGI scrolls, we introduced an item called "Animation Repel Scroll" which works similar to Increase AGI scroll to do the same job.​

It is sold from Donation Credit shop for 1 Donation Credit each.
You can use this item for infinite uses.


Worker Ant
Server Management Team
10-Sep, 16
Hey there guys,

I'm back to make few important announcements regarding Battlegrounds.
  • Fixed an issue when player's win streak continues when player disconnects in the middle of Battlegrounds game (either through character select, forced log out or @leavebg). We are wiping win streak values as well since there are reports of players exploiting it.
  • Fixed an issue when AFK kick system in Battlegrounds is not working properly.
There are more bugs to fix coming up so please keep your attention to this thread for more updates.
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