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Server Management Team
10-Sep, 16
Welcome to October 3, 2022 maintenance patch,​

We are aware of instances of several players getting disconnected together in past few days. We hope we are able to fix it during this maintenance.​
We are also aware of some bugs/glitches that happened as well. We hope we are able to apply fixes as soon as possible.

Since we are applying updates, bugs and glitches may occur frequently.​
Please contact the staff team directly through Discord or submit a ticket report in this forum board.

  • MVP HUNT RANKING LADDER: Event Credit rewards given are expanded to Top 2 and 3 while the top player will receive 2 Event Credits. MVP monster points breakdown is updated. We increased points to MVP monsters not residing in Lighthalzen Biolabs Lv 3 and Lv 4.​
  • ACTIVITY POINTS: Reduced time duration to get 1 AP during a Battlegrounds game or War of Emperium session.​
  • New headgear items are sold by Crimson Froud, the MVP Points shopkeeper. Like War of Emperium Credit shop, his inventory rotates every week. To find him again, check someone's forum post under Guide subforum for a list of places he stays.​
  • Fixed an issue when Leprechaun invasion keeps happening in that one town. (Applied as a hotfix few days ago but I heard it stopped working)​
  • Fixed an issue when some NInja skills did not work with Battlegrounds Use-only Ninja Stones (Wind Stone and Shadow Orb).​
  • Fixed an issue when "Use Guild Storage" option won't show up in Kafra NPC.​

Mysterious Crane Update


For returning players, keep yourself informed with these last, few update notes below:

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