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03-May, 17
You can use heal on undead monsters and it will act as an offensive spell. /ns has to be ON for it to work.


15-Jul, 16
Additional tips to speed up Solo Leveling using this guide.
-Once you change into priest go to pay_dun00 and get Heal Level 11
-You can also go directly to abbey03 once you get the level 11 heal and find a lone Necromancer around 2-4 heals.
-@ali 717 to autoloot blue gemstones so you wont need to buy. You get them from killing Necromancers.
-Heal bomb Necromancers until you get insta cast 170 dex and 200 INT for Magnus Exorcismus
-Stop using magnus when you reach level 490 and just manual heal necromancers up to 496-498 (careful not to reach 500)
-Rebirth>Beginner Zone>Change Job
-Find @Coojo @Stormind :p/ Friend to Help you Job Level!
Suggested Maps: abbey03 and jupe_core
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14-Feb, 19
i'd like to commend this guide its really amazing. Thank you so much i can now level faster.

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