Begin Your Story

Thank you for your interest in playing our server. Are you ready? Here are a few things to get you started.


Our full installer can be downloaded from It contains everything you need to play on our server, including game files and client. If you have issues installing or running the game, please ask for help in the General Support section of our forums.

Alternatively, you can visit our Downloads Page for a comprehensive list of downloads. This section contains mirror links for all download types, which should be used in the case of download issues.


New Players

To register a new account, please use our Control Panel. You will need a valid email address, as well as a few other pieces of information. This account will give you access to the game system as well as the Control Panel controls, but will not give access to the forums (which must be registered separately).

Existing Players

If you played BlackoutRO any time in the past, your account information has been retained, including account name, password and character names. You should be able to login using the same username/password combination you used before. If you know your email, but have forgotten your login information, you can recover your account via the Control Panel. If you no longer have access to your old email, please contact us using our Ticket System on the forums for additional assistance in recovering your account. Also, please note that old forums information was lost, so you will need to create a new forums account to access them.

Starting Out

The first thing you are going to want to do upon logging in is to get your bearings around Amatsu, our home town. While it is much the same as it ever was in some ways, a number of things have changed, so take your time to look around. We have a Guide NPC that should be able to help you navigate the area:

After exploring the NPCs, you should find a leveling partner and get yourself to level 500. No need to go it alone — ask around Amatsu, and there will often be someone willing to join you in making a character. When partied with experience sharing on, leveling to 500 takes about 10-15 minutes when done correctly.

Donations made on the Control Panel translate to Donation Credits in-game, which can be exchanged for items from the Redeemer NPC. Just make sure you know what you are getting before you purchase it! Additionally, former players who donated to the old server have had their donations honored in the form of Old Donation Credits. These items have been placed in the storage of each relevant account, and may be used to purchase special items at an in-game store on the same NPC as normal Donation Credits. (Voting Credit, unfortunately, had to be dropped.)