News: BlackoutRO Reopening June 1st 2024


04-May, 16
Blackout Staff
BlackoutRO will be reopening on June 1st 2024.

This thread explains the server's return, and the new content which will be available.

Last Chance to Play bRO
We don't know how long we will keep the server online this time. Please note, however, that the next time bRO closes, it will be for good. So make the most of the time we have left to experience the game.

2-3/2-4 Jobs
  • Third jobs have been implemented as 2-3/2-4 jobs. This means that Swordsman changes directly into Rune Knight without inheriting Knight skill tree.
  • All of these jobs have been balanced to be fairly playable in a pre-renewal setting. 2-1/2-2 classes will still be as good as they previously were.
  • The jobs will be periodically released. Upon reopening, Rune Knight and Royal Guard will be available. Three weeks later, Warlock and Sorcerer will release, and so on until they are all available. The reason for the release schedule is to allow the opportunity to re-balance classes in case they are over or under-powered.
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2-3/2-4 Release Schedule
  • Rune Knight & Royal Guard - June 1
  • Warlock & Sorcerer - June 22
  • Ranger & Minstrel & Wanderer - July 13
  • Arch Bishop & Shura - August 3
  • Mechanic & Genetic - August 24
  • Guillotine Cross & Shadow Chaser - September 14
Rebellion, Kagerou and Oboro, and other jobs do not have a planned release date at this stage.

Equipment Rework
  • Drop rate of equipment is now 5x with a minimum drop rate of 0.5%.
  • All pre-renewal equipment have been improved with new effects.
  • Mall Weapon Dealers have been removed, with the exception of a new Weapon Dealer who has all the standard PvP weapons.
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PvP 1v1 Queue
  • Randomly matches players to earn War Badges through dueling.
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WoE 1.1/2.1
  • Includes portal cell mod, respawn mod, elevations cells mod, and more.
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No Wipe
  • We will continue where we left off in October 2022. All your items and equipment are still there. To check your account, go to our Control Panel:

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