Ignition Break Rune Knight skill


07-Jun, 24
  • Please consider returning Ignition Break to the correct atk% for rune knights as suggested by the publisher. To be honest, this is RK's close combat skill which is almost non-existent for an edited version here.
  • Honestly, it's impossible to build a RK version that allocates points to all INT + Str + Luk. Ignition Break it into MATK is really confusing with this decision, it's like you have to give up ATK to become a mage but your weapon is only + and supports ATK.....
  • Dragon Breath vs Dragon's Water Breath It was unreasonable for him to endure Matk's anti-magic. The remaining 2 skills Hundred Spear and Sonic Wave are both ranger atk. With only the Pneuma +Reflect spell, an unskilled rune knight can accurately attack an opponent.

Okay now I hope you can read this article and consider making reasonable edits, anyway I always respect your decision , And moreover, if possible, let Dragon Breath vs Dragon's Water Breath become a Dame based on HP with a reasonable formula for the server.
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24-Feb, 17

It's so useless compared to RG, and Death Bound reflect seems to be affected by the reflect cap as well in BG and WoE so the skill just doesn't make sense at all.

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