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    My BRo crashes whenever i log in my Character

    Hi. Im new here. I ve been playing this game for 3 days. It was smooth but today. Whenever i log in my Sniper character, which is my main, it crashes. I made a whitesmith before for vending and trading and when i log it in, it doesnt crash. What i noticed is my sniper is in @go 10 while my...
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    Solved why sometime the game is crashed

    Ragnarok has been crashed! UTC Time: 16/07/2020 09:40:56 Local Time: 16/07/2020 16:40:56 EXE version: 2016-01-13 Gepard version: 2020051201 OS version: Windows 10 0x004856e5 Client.exe 0x00484bba Client.exe 0x006ca06d Client.exe 0x00468fcd Client.exe 0x006ca06d Client.exe...
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    RO Crashed?

    I wasn't sure which to install, the lite or full version. I installed the lite version, and I can't get it to run. I hit play, and it crashes every time. Please help! lol I miss the high rates.